Meeting new volunteers and teaching!

It was a hot summer day in New York. After a hectic morning (which included traveling back and forth to the meeting location TWICE in one day) – the get together started. My closest friend came and we set up for the coming attendees. As people came, they joined in and lent a helping hand. There was yarn to be sorted, tables to be dressed, magazines to be laid out and applications to be filled in.

This time, trying to get more organized, I had made a volunteer form so that the volunteers could share their interests and state what they expected to get out of the group.

We have received the acceptance letter from Safe Horizons, one of the leading advocates for survivors of domestic violence in the country. This organization currently has 2 “transitional” facilities (6 month stays) and 6 emergency facilities (3 month stays). With this information I was able to share a concrete committment from an organization towards receiving these items on a consistent basis.

And it was a wonderful event – A total of six women attended and each agreed to create something wonderful. I held a class of creating a plaid fabric using crochet – and it went really well. We all sat around the central table and made multi-color swatches of our own design.

We were all relieved when the rain clouds finally brought relief to the heat and showers poured down outside.

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