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….this all developed out of the idea of being OF something…..

…You’ve got to give thanks for Craigslist! If you don’t know about Craigslist it is simply the hottest website out for us common folks trying to make a way out of no way. 12 steps better than EBAY – Craigslist allows neighbors to connect to meet, work, rent, trade and give away freely and 24-7. It is through Craigslist that I have found the most yarn, fabrics and accessories – all for free. It is through Craigslist that I have found wonderful volunteers and excellent job leads. And it is through Craigs list that this story begins.

Working as director of Sue Rock Originals EVERYONE!!!, I have had the opportunity to have access to two wonderful community organizations – Safe Horizons and Fortune Academy. A recent acquisition of items received off of Craigslist afforded these two organization window dressings and bedding for over 50 rooms!

On Friday, August 12, 2005, I presented these two wonderful groups with over 200 pounds of curtains, sheets, drapes and bedding for their facilities. Safe Horizons, the leading organization working against domestic violence has 8 facilities in New York City. Their 6 emergency facilities and 2 transitional facilities house women and their children who are leaving traumatic living situations.

Over 18 bags of fabrics and home window treatments were collected from home decorator who had passed on recently. The items were sorted and paired together and are shown below. Exquisite quality – these items had NEVER been used. In fact on further inspection, the items had been made by the individual who had passed. It was amazing.

Sheer Drapes, Cafe Curtains, Winter Drapes, Pillow cases all in great condition. Upon opening the bags and seeing what was inside, I immediately contacted Safe Horizons and Fortune Academy. They were thrilled, having just discussed the need for window treatments for their various facilities

Once the items were arranged, I grouped them into sections for each organization. They each received upwards to 50 sets of window treatments – plus bedding of various types. The pickup vans came in the late afternoon and the items were received without a hitch. Each organization was good enough to prepare donation letters for the individual who donated the items (as they were the true originator of the donation) and that was it!
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