Making sure I’ve got somethin’ ta’ wear!!

This is a HOT mini – I combined a slubbed and a rayon yarn together and WOW! (actually looking forward to putting it together with some boots!)

Because I am so crazed for EBAY I spent an ridiculous amount of money on a SLEW of yarn of which there was ice blue, lavender and purple chenille on cones (oh yeah, I can REALLY use that!) – Well I got over with this skirt – you’ve got to love the fact I found Light Blue Shoes!

Ah but the piece de resistance is this creamy concoction of Grignasco coral yarn with Orange and a Red thread running through to give it umph! I added the white band at the bottom to give it a prep feel (….. if it didn’t come off of my shoulders so!)

Finally I had to work on this beautiful wrap dress. Over a white blouse with a tie and a pair of black boots – it fits like a dream and the yarn was exquisite!


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