The gift of "YES"

The process of working with women and their creativity since the beginning of this year is an experience that is more rewarding tham I could have ever imagined. Waves of satisfaction and delight overcome, as I handle the hats and scarves and gloves and blankets that have been imagined out of thin air. Every woman I have worked with had understood the intent behind the action of creating these items. They brought their own insight to this venture, their own compassion. Many of the women, myself included, had never created clothing before – or had the courage to try something different – to challenge their talents and skills.

Time and time again – their ideas worked. Lap blankets became graceful shrugs…..too small sweaters became stylish vest/handbag sets……an accidently felted hat and scarf set became a high end children’s item…..Every setback IS truly a blessing that will be loved, nurtured and appreciated.
I find that I am surfing some other wave length in this project – a wave length that does not require ego or finances or the word “No”. This endeavor in my life has consistently said “yes”
– “I think I would like to make clothing for women in Shelters”
– Safe Horizons: “YES”,
– Red Heart Yarn: “YES”
– Volunteers found through the free website Craigslist: “YES”
– Volunteers invited through the free website “YES”
and through the free site Volunteermatch:”YES”

The majestical, beautiful word “YES” has kissed me throughout this year in the encouraging creativity of engaging people who understand the pure intent of this work…..

as you can see……

“Yes” is a beautiful

and Powerful word…..

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