Domestic Violence Awareness Month Contribution with Safe Horizon

On Friday October 21st, the delivery was made to a shelter of women survivors of domestic
violence. (My dad – chauffeur for the day – thanks Dad!)

sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! delivered
8 Afghans 4 tops
2 Vests & 2 Shrugs 5 Ponchos
15 hat and scarf sets and 40 pairs of earrings!

On entering the facility I was amazed at the decor – this particular location was fitted by Liz Claiborne and the Oxygen network. Contemporary wallpaper lined the walls as the
entire first floor was meeting area and various
offices. The administrative assistant helped carry the 7 duffle bags into the main meeting room. I began to lay the items around the area to allow the director to truly enjoy the items that had been created.

As the director was busy, (though her arms are featured here!) I met the social worker for the shelter – Dana, who shared with me some of the work the shelter does for the women of this facility.

As I continued to open more and more bags and pull out more and more items from pockets and side pockets, various administrators walked into the meeting room. Everyone was thrilled with the quality of the work and the volume of what was brought. It seems that this year there was not the volume of notice around Domestic Violence Awareness month and it almost as if these women were forgotten.

Once the director was available she was stunned. We had a wonderful phone conversation in planning the delivery but she didn’t think it would be like this. Administrator after administrator came in thrilled. They spoke of single women who would come in looking for items – and though there were many items for children – for the women there was barely anything.

The emergency shelters house women from all walks of life in separate apartments at a central location. Nondescript on the outside -warm and inviting on the inside – this was unlike anything I ever could have imagined! Though I did not meet most of the residents, they generously offered a tour of the facility. In addition to a number of offices, they offer a central meeting room (where these items are being photographed), a childrens play area with computer, four computers in the living room and four floors of private living spaces. As the Director Annie Bautista shared with me “This is just so if you or someone you know ever has to make a choice, they won’t think of a shelter as such an isolating experience – we really want it to seem less like an institution and more like a supportive shelter.”

Well they have succeded. I want to take this time to thank a number of people who made this possible. My dearest friend and sister Brenda “Al-Asia” Shelton, Amy Salant, Ramona Kearns, and Mei Ling. The constant support both spoken and unspoken of my husband Babafemi Akinsegun nurtured my freedom in exploring all the ways this venture could be done. Rebecca Timmel of Safe Horizon was great as are Annie Bautista – directors of this Shelter, Dana, the Social Worker and the other administrators.

Whoops, I would be remiss if I forgot Rose Fox – Rose Fox is a beginner knitter who felt more confident with her jewelry making ability and contributed 16 pairs of earrings!

Thank you, thank you all from myself and Safe Hoizon!

2 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Awareness Month Contribution with Safe Horizon

  1. sv says:

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  2. sv says:

    hifound out about you via the booze and yarn emails – so great that you’re doing this! you should connect w/deborah koenigsburger (sp?) who owns a boutique called Noir et Blanc on 23rd St. and runs a not-for-profit called Hearts of Gold which benefits women and children in shelters. just had surgery so i’m not sure when i’ll be knitting, but will keep you in mind for donations and pass yr name on to my kids’ school too.sarah

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