New York Knitting Olympics Invites Sue Rock Originals EVERYONE!!

Well I have to tell you, I have never had such a wonderful time!!

On Friday, February 10 at New York’s Bowery Poetry Club , knitting groups Booze & Yarn and Yarn Harlot hosted the New York Knitting Olympics . If you have not been up on the happenings on Wednesday nights in New York you have been missing a rocking good time. Corrina Mantlo, hostess of Booze and Yarn has been holding a regular weekly & weekend knitting event in some of the best clubs in Lower Manhattan. A brilliant vintage knitter and accomplished costume historian, young Ms. Mantlo has a bevy of beauties knitting and pearling on the regular!! Going from person to person like an endearing school marm, she encourages new knitters and teaches complex patterns with ease. Her attendees love the comraderie as well as the attentive care and freedom they are given with their creative ventures…..

On Friday, with the 1964 Olympics playing on a nearby laptop, women came from far and wide to “cast-on” and begin their challenge – to complete an item in 16 days.

The magic came in Ms. Mantlo referring her attendees join in the sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! charity effort and pick up yarn and patterns to use as their challenge project.

I met harpists, milliners, advertising executives, elders, computer programers and just plain girls who love to “yarn over” and they all joined with enthusiasm the venture of preparing items for women in need.

Pictures to come!


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