Ode to the Vintage Pattern…..

Vintage patterns, Vintage patterns
– how I love them
– let me count the ways…

I love thee by the length and breadth of your crocheted pants
and the ways of your structured collars.

I love thy brilliance
in the creation of dresses I had only imagined in my dreams.

I love your insistence
that yarn CAN be fur
Whether as loops, chains or fringe…

Oh how I love thy garish combinations of blue and gold,
lilac and green
and the ever prominent orange and brown with teal.
Thy garish combinations bespeak of a time when color did live!

Oh vintage pattern, how I marvel at your diligence.
The determination to carry a pattern on for pages.
The ease with which you speak of the size 11 crochet needle,
lo barely visible
to be used with floss to create bedpreads and curtains
– as if this were an activity worth carrying on.

Oh dear vintage pattern with your size 2 14 inch needles,
create the full length dress with extensive color changes and cabling.

Show me where the true craft of crocheting and knitting

has come…..

and where it should be…..

Oh vintage pattern, how I love thee……


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