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Sue Rock Originals gets our Safe Horizon Shelter – *********** House!

Safe Horizon has presented sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! a transitional shelter to receive our handcrafted items – ********** House has agreed to accept our donations for the third week of October (20, 21 or 22). So volunteers, we have a deadline!!

sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! will plan for a get together on October 14/15 – with a location to be decided. We will less entertainment than our last get together (those who were there know what I mean) and we will take a final count of all the donated items….

If you are wondering about the **********s, part of the contribution parameters require extreme confidentiality regarding the location of the survivors. Digesting this fact gave me great pause, gave me the depth of understanding of how great this gift really is!

Call me at 212.574-1422 if you need more yarn or tips on what to make –

I will be hearing from the director soon to get more feedback on specific items that are needed, however I do know this – There are at least 20 families – meaning at least 60 people ages baby to 48!

Love to you all for your tremendous support and commitment to this project –

Sue Rock


Fashion Week brought major contacts!!

Welcome to “Autumn in New York!” Well fashion week is over and I had to most amazing time – thanks to the magic of Craigslist, I was able to get some advertising production done while make some fantastic new acquaintances. I was introduced by plus size fashion model Teresa Steele to some amazing and positive women. Stylist and buyer, Michele Martinez of Dulce Style has made an art of finding hip, stylish clothing for the curvy and sophisticated. With her encouragement (and Teresa’s prodding) we made a bee-line to the penthouse where plus lines SVOBODA and Anna Scholz were camped out. They loved the lush and beautiful fabrics I pulled out and they gave me some serious business tips. It was a marvelous nite! Thanks – you women are fantastic!!

sue rock originals calls on volunteers for their fall crochet/knitting drive

it is amazing in New York today – grey and cool, the weather shifts to September. And so we are revving up again for October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Last week’s get together of volunteers was really great. In planning for volunteer activities, it was really difficult finding a free location and also figuring out a way to get all of the fabric and yarns there. I finally decied to keep things simple for myself and do the get togethers at my home. However, living in New York, I have a small apartment. The lobby would have to do, and so I set up the bins of yarn in the lobby waiting patiently for volunteers to arrive. I had sent out Evites to folks throughout the New York area and was prepared to be there from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

At 2:30 on a rainy Sunday, I began to face the daunting possibility of having to create all the items this season myself, when all of a sudden Sheila from Sheila Crochetz came, cell phone in hand, making sure she had the correct address. After that the volunteers kept coming.

All in all we have a group of eight people, knitters and crocheters alike. They used wools, wool blends, silk and cotton skeins and much more to create for the next month.

We could use more volunteers so if you are interested, please contact me at to come by and pick up some yarn to work on!

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