Sue Rock Originals gets our Safe Horizon Shelter – *********** House!

Safe Horizon has presented sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! a transitional shelter to receive our handcrafted items – ********** House has agreed to accept our donations for the third week of October (20, 21 or 22). So volunteers, we have a deadline!!

sue rock originals EVERYONE!!! will plan for a get together on October 14/15 – with a location to be decided. We will less entertainment than our last get together (those who were there know what I mean) and we will take a final count of all the donated items….

If you are wondering about the **********s, part of the contribution parameters require extreme confidentiality regarding the location of the survivors. Digesting this fact gave me great pause, gave me the depth of understanding of how great this gift really is!

Call me at 212.574-1422 if you need more yarn or tips on what to make –

I will be hearing from the director soon to get more feedback on specific items that are needed, however I do know this – There are at least 20 families – meaning at least 60 people ages baby to 48!

Love to you all for your tremendous support and commitment to this project –

Sue Rock


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