Yep, that’s an illustration of how we look now – after all that knitting and crocheting, our heads have just SWOLLEN to phenomenal proportions…..we simplly sit with our pattern books in our hands and wait for the swelling to recede…..alas!

Well with the beautiful items you have made, your heads SHOULD be swollen!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! AND THANK YOU to all the volunteers that have come through to create clothing and accessories for survivors of domestic violence for OCTOBER – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH

Please come out on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15 to Brooklyn – 1069 BERGEN STREET, between ROGERS AND NOSTRAND AVENUES at 3:00 PM.

(Travel Directions: Take the A or C trains to Nostrand Avenue. Exit the train to your right and walk in the direction of traffic along Nostrand Avenue to BERGEN STREET. Turn right and 1069 Bergen Street is on the left side.)

Bring the wonderful clothing you have created and any leftover yarns. We will be taking pictures, having food and sharing just how great this experience has been for all of us.The contact number in Brooklyn is (718) 771-3687


Thank you so much and see you then!!!

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