The charity had the wonderful opportunity to be featured in Calabar Magazine. If you don’t know about it Calabar Imports is a magnificent business located in Brooklyn in the newly declared “Heart of Brooklyn” section – a stone’s throw from the Brooklyn Museum. CALABAR Imports is a trendy, specialty retail and gift store for discerning, quality-conscious buyers of home furnishings, unique crafted jewelry, fashion and brand cosmetics sold at moderate prices.

Well back to Calabar Magazine – the fashion/culture conscious newspaper produced by Calabar Imports – they featured us in their September Socially Conscious Fashion Article by Bonny Sandy Sterling.

The pieces featured were created by Ramona Kearns. Noted writer and poet and original member of Neema Barnette’s theatre group “Live Theatre Gang”, Ms. Kearn’s love has always been crochet. Using intuitive crochet (the ability to create designs ideas while crocheting without patterns) she creates bold rich fashion forward designs that are appealing to every figure.

Ms. Kearns is currently on the board of Bailey’s Cafe, a Crown Heights based non-profit that connects young people with senior citizens for joint work on cultural projects such as oral history, murals, and protection of community gardens.


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