Happy New Year

January………. A time of new beginnings, renewal, planning… During this time we’ll be planning for the spring, 2007 and Fall 2008 seasons. I have finally found a consistent location. I was in 4W Circle of Art and Enterprise for a hot second…… I basically need to learn who my customer is. No one can do that for you, you have to see these people yourself, and spend some time. I think as a crocheter I was intimidated by an audience and shy about meeting people and talking about my work.

If you want to see and purchase the current products for SRO, I am in Brooklyn, Saturday mornings on the west side of Grand Army Plaza, next to the weekly Greenmarket Farmer’s Market. On Sundays, you can find SRO items at PS 321 at the Park Slope Flea Market.

The holidays of ’06 did being some sales, lots of gifts and a fashion show in Irvington N. J. (thanks Valon!)

We will continue into the beginning of the year with our very feminine ruffle scarves and a new addition, knit fabric hats – designed by Ifasina.

From the Spring ’07 collections sheers, ruffles, interesting necklines and bows (or tied fabric) are key to every designer’s look. I don’t know how many “regular” folks are going to rocking black, dark plum or navy this spring but the pink/grey trend will remain consistent, as well as whites, yellow and bright red on the women’s apparel color palette.

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