Mother’s Day Donation Drive BEGINS!!

As the rains come, we begin the steady work of scheduling and planning our MOTHER’S DAY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DONATION DRIVE . Craigslist is our mainstay for seeking volunteers. Their volunteer postings always bring wonderful people from throughout the New York area. VolunteerMatch is also quite good. VolunteerMatch provides non-profits with the ability to post opportunities and provides individuals and groups with opportunities that may appeal to them. The range of opportunities is extraordinary from driving to reading, from knitting and crocheting to sports. It’s really wonderful!

Help survivors of domestic violence get a new take on life!

The percentage of women who actually leave the home is heartbreaking. Women who do are ostracized, devastated and alone. Sue Rock Originals EVERYONE!!!! seeks to restore humanity to women who still have to work, tend to children and maintain normal appearances during extraordinary times.
Sue Rock Originals EVERYONE!!! teams knitters, crocheters and weavers with the raw materials they need to create clothing and accessories for survivors of domestic violence. In the two years we have been in existence, volunteers have contributed over 200 shrugs, sweaters, ponchos, hat/scarf sets, gloves and handbags. Yarn companies nationwide have come to the table and contributed exquisite yarns of every color and description – and needles and findings.
Your hands can help to make another person’s life uplifted. Yarn companies and individuals have already stepped up to the plate donating boxes of yarns and supplies to make this effort happen.
If you are interested in more information and wish to contact Sue for yarn and pattern pick up, email or call (347) 365-8747.
Thank you in advance for your creative efforts :))

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