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Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising – the quest continues

So once an organization becomes a legal tax exempt 501(c) 3 entity – just how do they get funds. I mean sure the benificent effort of helping others is marvelous but between you and me, gas is over $4.00 a gallon, right?

Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. is beginning to tackle the concept of creative fundraising. and it is NOT easy :)) I have never been good at asking for money and the learning curve could be staggering. Fortunately we have received amazing donations that can create a source of joy and income for the organization and for the women we service.

MAKE is a wonderful ceramics painting studio located at two sites in New York. By receiving their donations of unused ceramics, we are able to vend and create resources for Sue Rock Originals Everyone! Here are some pictures at the events we have sold at!

The beauty of the artwork speaks for itself. We have called this fundraising effort BY KIDS FOR KIDS (of all ages….). Creative work by children inspires the artist in all of us. Items like ceramic cellphones, butterflies and robots (a favorite with the over 20 male!) sell wonderfully as well as mugs, plates and ceramic high heel shoes. We can’t thank MAKE enough for making this opportunity possible!

Make – – check them out!


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