The NonProfit Experience

On the road to notprofitdom and what a ride it is. As a charity organization without the non-profit allowances, one can create a great deal of change and growth in the community…….but at a certain point the costs of gas, electricity, transportation and quite simply physical exertion can take their toll.

The Foundation Center is an amazing resource for people interested in walking this road. Their five locations (four field offices and the main office here in New York) include an extensive research library, workshops (both free and fee-based), a phenomenal online database and supportive staff. Non profit organizations have the responsibilities of fiscal accountability, fundraising, Project development, long range planning and board development.

PHEW!!! as a woman who has spent the last 20 years in the corporate sector as support staff it seemed overwhelming. However with diligent research and a supportive family, I have gained amazing resources.

VolunteerMatch provided a wonderful woman who has provided accounting support and insight for planning and grantwriting. Also, as a legal non-profit, I am registered with VolunteerNYC a New York based volunteer search site where groups can post their volunteering opportunities.

This is becoming an amazing journey – receipt of the 501(c)3 has mean the beginning of much much more work, but also much much more opportunity to help people in need.


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