The Sue Rock Originals Story!

Sue and Jerome Rock are the designers behind Sue Rock Originals. Based in New York, Sue Rock Originals is the premier design studio for fashion forward hand crochet and hand knits. Sue Rock is a crocheter of over 20 years who has brought the standard of custom crochet work back to forefront of Fashion. No stranger to fair trade and green practices she is the first knitwear designer to develop a manufacturing arrangement with Rwanda Knits, a cooperative working with Rwandan refugees. She launched a line of organic llama knit and crochet apparel in Fall of 2008, working with handpicked design team of some of New York’s best knitters and crocheters.

Their tailored selections are made from 100% reclaimed fabrics. The fashion and interior design industries discard tons of fabric per year. Sue Rock Originals uses these fabrics to create beautiful tailored garments for women of all ages.

Sue Rock’s love of textiles and design doesn’t stop there……..

Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.(“SROE, Inc.”) is a not-for-profit corporation which brings together textile/fiber artists and raw materials to create clothing and accessories to survivors of domestic violence living in transitional housing.

SROE, Inc. requests donations of raw materials (fabric, yarn, tools) from individuals and businesses. Upon receipt of the donations, volunteers have the option of creating clothing, accessories or bedding for our organization. These items are presented to women living in transitional housing . Women are introduced to the volunteers and are allowed to “shop” for items as volunteers assist them in their “purchase”
In only three years, we have donated the following to Safe Horizon living facilities:
  • 150 window treatments for residences (including drapes, cafe curtains and curtains)
  • three cases of hand crocheted hats, scarves and handbags from the students at SUNY New Paltz
  • 1200 children’s and adult’s books – establishing libraries at two facilities
  • 50 pairs of earrings by an independent jewelry designer
  • 50 shrugs
  • 100 ponchos
  • 17 sweaters
  • 150 handknit/handcrocheted pocketbooks
  • 2 cases of ceramic household goods.

We are currently able to provide direct training in textile arts to survivors of domestic violence living in transitional housing. We have the materials the equipment and the educators. Any information you would like regarding our work is available in the links below.

For more information, we can be reached at 347-365-8747 or


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