Participating in the President’s Call to Service AOOOO!!!!

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO What an amazing time! the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Brooklyn for Obama invited Sue Rock Originals Everyone to participate in the President’s Call to Service for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the weekend before.

This was an amazing event for all of us. Babafemi and I were amped, as we were looking forward to getting into the storage to prepare for the coming Spring. Having made a clear decision to have Sue Rock Originals be the fundraising wing of the not for profit, we understood that were were quickly becoming late late late for any prospective purchases from Brooklyn boutiques (who buy closer to the season they are in, by the way, choosing to hold on to their duckets until they see which way the wind is blowing).

Even though there was much accomplished last year, true to form, THIS year brought more fabrics and other items which had (like the others) been MASHED into our storage until “some later date”

Well that date was this weekend. We received over 20 volunteers in two days who chatted, folded, laughed, oohed, aahed, cried and then began folding again, as we worked the cold snowy days away!


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