Martin Luther King Jr. Day Presidential Call to Service at SROE

What an amazing time!! For over three years SROE has received AMAZING fabrics from individuals, the garment and interior design industries. Unfortunately navigating a 10×10 space is nearly impossible for two people raising a sixth grader! The volume of donations have overflowed into our one bedroom apartment transforming it into a storage design studio with a part time bedroom :))

MIT Architecture students Frank Hebbert (a London native!) and Haruka Horiuchi volunteered on this cold January morning…

Well when the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Brooklyn for Obama team called us in on the President’s Call to Service we jumped at the opportunity. We see below Jerome “Babafemi” Rock of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., Jeanne Heifitz of Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Jordan Mitchell Founder of Brooklyn for Obama.

Over 20 volunteers from all walks of life came to support our work and made a real dent in the organizing of our fabrics. Writer Martin Rowe stopped by and fearlessly folded yards of fabric!

From Friday January 17 to Monday January 19th people streamed in from the snowy winter day to fold, organize and marvel at the beautiful donations we received. MIT Archetecture student Haruka Horiuchi was enthralled with the large piece of white faux fur.

Arun Venogopal came from WNYC to interview us and shared the news with NPR Radio that day – Amazing! (and there is Sue Rock herself wearing one of her Sue Rock Originals!)


Sue Rock Originals :))


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