A wonderful trend in volunteering

Omega Phi Sorority Sister Cara Quinones and Founder Sue Rock go through the yarns being used by Omega Phi Beta for our upcoming clothing donation drive at Sue Rock Originals Everyone’s new design studio!

Director, Babafemi Akinsegun, Omega Phi Sorority Sister Cara Quinones and Ade Akinsegun at the Sue Rock Originals Everyone’s new digs!

This year has been phenomenal with volunteers joining as collective. We have had some sensational interest from people at he Brooklyn DA’s Family Justice Centers (10 volunteers) Brooklyn’s Community Arts and Media High School (20 volunteers) and most recently Sorority Omega Phi Beta’s Cara Quinones picked up yarn for six of her sisters!
Sue Rock Originals Everyone is still the only game in town supproting the lives of domestic violence survivors with NEW handcrafted clothing. We are currently working with our volunteers to create handknits and hand crocheted clothing and accessories for 2009. Our donations will support women living in Sanctuary for Families residences. Mother’s Day is around the corner and our volunteers are busy knitting and crocheting up a storm. We have even received some interst in creating jewelry for these phenomenal women who have chosen a live of change and renewal instead of violence.
Emily LoBlue, Senior Director of Volunteer Services at Sanctuary for Families is delighted to be receiving donations from Sue Rock Originals Everyone again.
To volunteer or donate – Contact Sue Rock at 347 365 8747


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