…so you must really have to CLEAN that fabric you get, huh?

 When developing any type of business – it helps to listen.

Much is being done in fashion with reconstructed garments and recycled fabrics but not much said about reclaiming  fabrics from the garment and interior design industries. When we think of the fashion industry, we generally think “make the clothes, buy them when they don’t fit toss them”.

I wanted to share some of what we have learned about the fashion industry, how it works and how we are able to make the beautiful things that we do.
Lets start at the beginning…….

A men’s shirt is going to be designed by a company:

Fashion companies are made up of teams of designers and design assistants who have the important task of deciding what they are going to create for the upcoming year. They come together and look over colors and patterns and will come to a basic decision about a color group. Once decided, a garment will need to be created before the item is manufactured. The company will have a fabric manufacturer create EVERY COMBINATION of the pattern decided upon (from blue on blue to white on white) so that the design team has an accurate representation of the garment they are making. Even if the color is solid – every variation is created for review and critique before the item hits the stores.

Then sample garments are made from these freshly manufactured fabrics and a decision is made for color, fabric weight and pattern.

What is left over is this:

What Sue Rock Originals does is RECLAIMS the fabric before it ever gets into the dump. We receive regular phone calls from individuals and businesses for fabric pickups. It is a way for the organization to simply and effectively give back within their time frame and it saves them money for the dumpster fees.  

And then we create THIS:

and That is How it is Done!

Boxes and Bolts of Fabric are never used due to time constraints, color variations or just changes in the fashion trend – and so SRO gets the opportunity to create beautiful clothing from reclaimed fabric – 

Come on By and see for yourself!

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