Domestic Violence Support – Handcrafted Clothing Donation to Center Against Domestic Violence

We are so excited about our upcoming donation drive – if you haven’t seen the photos they are posted on Facebook . Its truly wonderful to see just what people come up with.

We have received some beautiful clothing to present to the women at Women’s Survival Space – one of the three residences run by the Center Against Domestic Violence. The Center Against Domestic Violence is a key part of this story because were it not for their efforts, there would be NO residence to donate to!

According to their history:

The Center Against Domestic violence was founded in 1977 by a group of pioneering women who understood that domestic violence was not merely a family matter, but a crime and a violation of human rights. The new Center Against Domestic Violence opened the first publicly funded domestic violence shelter in New York State, Women’s Survival Space. Through innovative programs offered with dedication and respect, the Center works to fulfill its vision of a world free of relationship abuse and violence. The people who come to the Center may be battered but they are not beaten. With the support and services it provides, the Center Against Domestic Violence bears witness every day to people transforming their lives..

So let me get this right, before 1977 (32 years ago) there were NO publicly funded domestic violence shelters? What did women do? Where did they and their families go when they had their lives threatened or when their children’s lives were on the line? It is with this outstanding history that we made our decision to donate to one of the residences that they are responsible for.

The reality of domestic violence is that women do not leave. Even in 2009, there is no press or news coverage of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Where are the 10k races or rallies. Supporting those women who have made the courageous first step towards a peaceful change is an action that says “You deserve to be commended – you have value – YOU are AMAZING!”

and most of all

You Have Made the RIGHT Choice!!


To help support Sue Rock Originals Everyone – Its Simple!

We are a 501(c)3 organization!
To send a Donation
Make your donation out to Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.
Send to: Sue Rock Originals Everyone
50 East 18th Street, Suite A8
Brooklyn, New York 11226

To Send Fabric, Yarn or Textile Tool Donations
Send to: Sue Rock Originals Design Studio
1069 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11226

To Volunteer:

Sue Rock Originals Everyone treasures the volunteers that knit, crochet, sew and create beautiful items for survivors of domestic violence. Twice a year (Mother’s Day and October- Domestic Violence Awareness Month) we bring donations to a domestic violence residence in the New York area.

When considering what to make – ask yourself this key question:
“If I was to leave my life with what I am wearing right now –
What would I need?”

THOSE are the items that we would like you to make :))

Everything you can put your valuable papers in and everything that will stretch a wardrobe consisting of a turtleneck, jeans and a pair of flipflops.

That is what women need who run to leave a batterer AND still have to raise children AND go to open school night AND go to work etc.

Our organization can provide fabric and notions, yarn and tools
All we need is your creativity!
Contact Sue Rock at (we accommodate those groups who are outside of the New York area)


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