So what do you do when there is NO ONE to donate to?


With a trunk full of donations…..

and my last $20……..

I head off to (unnamed) domestic violence shelter to bring donations that have been presented to SROE for the past three months…..

For women in crisis…….

An appointment that had been scheduled ahead of time……

Three blocks away, I get the call in the cab….

“Oh……so you ARE coming…..well….its just that…….welll…….there isn’t anyone here…”


So how many women were there?


TWO?!!!! Don’t you let people know, I mean, wasn’t there any announcement?

“well, yes we DO send out flyers and its just that women have appointments and some of the women were sick and they go out and well…..We can’t KEEP them here……its just the way it is……that’s part of the problem, we try to have programs here for the women and then we only have one person come….. But we can schedule for next week…..”

Ah yes NEXT week – however, NEXT week isn’t Domestic Violence Awareness Month is it? no…. now that I think about it NEXT week its NOVEMBER hmmmmm……… and we have all these donations……

Lets go over the list……

DV shelter 1 doesn’t take donations (other than monetary), DV shelter 2 doesn’t allow you to even come to the residences but takes donations at the door of their office (?!! hugely satisfying – NOT!) and now this…….

The disappointment is beyond description…….

Thank you all for your continued support – just wish it was appreciated by the organizations we are trying to service…….


2 thoughts on “So what do you do when there is NO ONE to donate to?

  1. virginia says:

    Hi Sue Rock–

    I can't imagine your disappointment, but I am here to tell you that I am here to help!

    I work at an organization called NYLAG — we serve low-income New Yorkers. My clients are ALWAYS in need of goods (not exactly sure what you gathered over the last 3 months– but we'll take it).

    Specifically, we serve victims of domestic violence, people who have been denied emergency shelter at Homeless shelters, people seeking asylum from repressive governments and societies, and people who have experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

    I have a car, so I can come and pick up any possible donations! You are amazing for thinking of other people and gathering these items for people in need.

    you can email me at
    Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Ramona says:

    Some folks don't appreciate what others want to do for them, but they are the same folks complaining all the times about how folks don't care. don't give up, keep doing what you are doing. If it is not appreciated here maybe DV shelter from another state might appreciate your donations.

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