>October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – but does anyone know?

>So I have been tracking the news for the past two months and in New York alone there have been over 12 different stories about domestic violence incidents which ended in tragedy. These are the stories that you hear about of course because dramatic and exciting, they do not speak of the months or years a women or her family lived in terror.

I have had the greatest compassion for those women who leave everything, believing that their lives are worth more than the material things in their lives. Leave everything – having faith that life will provide something better.

Did you know that right now nationally

– 1 in FOUR women have experienced domestic violence in their lives?
– Historically women are abused by someone they KNOW
– 1 out of three women who are killed are VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

These statistics are staggering. After the powerful years of the women’s empowerment movements of the 1970’s and 80’s the fact that these statistics still ring true, only show there is so much more work to be done!!

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