>Martin Luther King Jr Day 2011 – SEWING FOR SURVIVORS


On Monday, January 17, Sue Rock Originals Everyone did it “one more time”! Textile artist and Organizer Extraordinaire Jeanne Heifetz of Brooklyn for Barack (yes they are still around!) and Organizing for America made sure that Sue Rock Originals was plugged into the volunteering efforts for the day!

And what a day it was – we had the idea of sewing volunteers but this time utilizing the Bag and Bags of fabric samples from Van Heusen. Why not have volunteers work on our “Three Hour Quilt”? The samples are already the right size, simply sew strips and Go!

It was one of the most phenomenal events we could have hoped for –

Some of the heavy hitters that came through:

Brooklyn Councilman Brad Lander and his daughter!

International R&B Vocalist Karen Bernod!

Freda L. Thomas – of the Freda L. Thomas Scholarship fund

Satchi acclaimed artist Predrag Milavanovic.

Enjoy what others had to share about the day – they put it together so much more eloquently!

The Daily Kos

Organizing for America

I Want Candy

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