We love to create styles that are fabulous for every size and we have done it. With custom hand shirring and vintage Italian Polyesters and Silks, you can not go wrong with this sexy summer dress! Shown above in production, we are pulling fabrics now for creating these items to have on hand for hot summer days and fun evenings out with friends.
I remember these easy to wear pieces back in the day – with a pair of flip flops and some shades it was out the house and off on the days adventures!
But the Indian cotton numbers of the ’70’s are nothing compared to the ones about to come out of Sue Rock Originals!

This season brings gorgeous bright floral silk and polyester from an 80’s fabric collection. Bold and vibrant the images do not do the colors justice. We are creating pieces that can be dressed up and UP!
And WE WORK WITH ALL SIZES. Come by our studio
Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.
1069 Bergen Street between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday Through Saturday
12:00pm – 6:00pm
And you know that every Sue Rock design
…..is an Original!


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