Sue Rock presented Women of Valor Award by Senator John L. Sampson

On Thursday May 12, I was awarded the Women of Valor Award by Senator John L. Samson. For the past four years, Senator Samson has commended women for their role in uplifting the community. The awards are given in a variety of categories from Health and Human Services, to Education, to Leadership.

I was given the EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE award for my role as Executive Director and Founder of Sue Rock Originals Everyone! All of the Women of Valor received Citations of Honor from their City Councilperson.

As you can see the meeting room in Brooklyn College’s Student Union was filled to the brim with attendees, political figures, family and well wishers.

As the program progressed, I was overcome with being presented with such an honor. Each woman spoke eloquently about their fulfillment with their responsibility in their community…..each story spoke so closely to my own.

Women spurring their children, and husbands and community leaders on to further efforts of improvement and enhanced self worth. We all agreed that we could accomplish SO much more with funding (LOL) however we affirmed that regardless – the work we did our communities was our passion and would continue even stronger!

What an amazing evening :))

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