Yes We Can – The Joys of Volunteering!

During the year of 2010 following the call of our president, Americans showed their best side and took up the cause of volunteering in their communities on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Little did we know that a catastrophe of international proportions would spark a fire under hundreds of volunteers in the New York area.

 The Haitian earthquake of 2010 happened on Tuesday, January 12  This earthquake created such damage in the hilly Haitan landscape that the public was encouraged-  from its onset not to do anything – just send money, in fear that the collections would not get to people throughout the countrside.

Sue Rock Originals Everyone was already scheduled to receive volunteeers via our social networks and we decided to make a bold step.  Could we make a difference in the lives of Haitians affected by this tragedy?

We Said Yes We Can!

We quickly changed gears.  Pulling all of the beautiful cotton fabrics donated by Liz Claiborne, Van Heusen and individuals, we mobilized to create a sewing event that is landmark in the eyes of the attendees even to this day!

 And we made the right choice!

Immediately responses online grew, as people rallied to get on board our Sewing for Haiti Event.  At final count, we received over 200 volunteers throughout the eight hour event, generating 500 sewn skirts for women and girls of Haiti.

Our focus was simple:
Bring people of good will together with a  common goal and a positive outcome will always shine through.  That truly happened.

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