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SROE Supports Brooklyn Bed Stuy Pride Event

Sue Rock Originals Everyone is known to be against violence in any form.  So when we were approached by Kirya Traber, Intern at the Audre Lorde Project to assist them in an outdoor project, we knew it was important work.

This summer featured an outdoor event at Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY, which brought awareness to the Bed Stuy community about the struggles of LGBT people living in their neighborhood.  Our organization donated the fabric for their Clothesline Project which allowed participants to contribute the “fabric” of experience and write their story and post it on the clothesline.

This amazing exhibition documents key moments in the PRIDE struggle for men and women throughout the years – it was a joy to provide the fabric for it….

From Kirya Traber:
Thank you so much for your support of the Clothesline installation at Bed-Stuy Pride this year! The final product was a beautiful and touching stretch of 15 feet of history, both painful and powerful. Many many people stopped through out the day to view the instillation, and a few did contribute their own narratives to the line. Over all it was one of the most popular stops at Von King Park that day, and greatly enriched the event.

Attached you will find a couple of quick snap shots of the Clothesline. S.O.S. is on break this week, but next week we’ll be convening again and may have more documentation we can share.

Thank you again for your invaluable contribution, and for the work you do on a daily bases to combat violence and build resilience in Bed-Stuy. We’re so glad to have you as a partner, and definitely hope to work with you again!


–Kirya Traber
Audre Lorde Project
Safe OUTside the System Collective

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