The power of creativity

All artists are creative, but not all creative people are artists. Creativity is not just something that happens when an artist walks into their studio, it happens in each moment of our lives

 Not a day goes by when someone asks me about what our organization does.  When I share that we are an organization which provides textile support to survivors of domestic violence the answer is invariably “oh that’s nice”, “That gives them something to do” and “It’s relaxing right?”

 It seems that the attentiveness and still listening needed when immersed in the needlearts is often seen as “relaxing”.  For certainly it is calming to watch someone ironing and piecing a quilt or watching someone at the loom rythimcally clicking and clacking away…

 ..but process of being creative and creativity itself is more – so much more….

As recently as this year articles on the power of creativity have been written by such notable names as Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra and Bruce Springsteen.  In addition a body of academic work has developed on the transformative properties of creativity.

According to on source: “Creativity refers to the invention or origination of any new thing that has value. “New” may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs. “Valuable”, similarly, may be defined in a variety of ways”. 

This “invention process” is actually a  personal journey.  This journey leads one into into uncharted territory with the end result being a work of “creativity”.  With the journey comes experiences unlike any other.  They are rich in revelation, memory, discovery and vision.  Unlike sports or exercise, creativity or creative endeavors are intimate and gentle self-challenges, with the creator gaining skills and gradually increasing their skill level and exploring with their new tools.

Creativity has a long reputation of success in the mental health field.  Breakthroughs have been discovered in all areas from autism patients to abuse victims.  In each case, people of all walks of life find a level of freedom, expression and transcendence – sometimes for the very first time!

Certainly we found that was the case with clients from the Center Against Domestic Violence.  Given the tools and the resources to learn the needlearts, the women attending our program blossomed in ways they had never realized. They were captivated with their skills and began to develop new techniques of their own.  We also noticed that resiliency, stamina and determination increased with each new level of instruction.  These women developed into accomplished seamstresses with design concepts and creativity of their own.  When the program completed, they each stated that they felt more sure of themselves and much more confident.

Rather than being relaxed it seemed as if they were charged up and ready to go!

Some of the benefits of creativity:  Expanded sense of time, Freedom, Self-Confidence, More Energy, Mental Acuity, Discipline, Courage and renewed faith in the unknown.

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Published on January 16, 2012 by Gerri Luce, LCSW in From Both Sides of the Couch

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