HAPPY NEW YEAR – time to refocus, regroup and reNEW!

FireworksLooking forward into 2013,   2012 ended bitter sweet….

The high profile case of the Chiefs football player in 2012 left the nation reeling.  Add to that the fact that domestic violence will still bring a surprisingly low number of hits on Google, but “girlfriend murdered” will flood your screen with results and you see that as a nation there is a problem.

As we look at the work to be done in 2013 – partnerships are going to be key.  Reaching out to similar organization which are doing work with victim services, mental health support and rehabilitative training will create the support systems that women in crisis need.

Partnerships have already begun with the Fashion Institute of Technology.  We will be working with their interns in the coming month developing viable fundraising  and marketing plans for the organization.  We also look forward to our French interns from Lycee Auguste et Louis Lumiere who come to support our organization during the summer.

As you look at 2013, create new ways to develop partnerships with other organizations, people around you and community associations – to achieve greater good in the coming months!


Sue Rock Originals Everyone is supported by the community.  If you would like to see our work continue, make a donation to our organization. Your donation of $10 will help to keep our classes going for women in the domestic violence community.

Send your support to us via Paypal at suerockoriginals@yahoo.com

For information regarding volunteering your time, skills or domestic violence support contact us at suerockoriginals@yahoo.com


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