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College Students reap rich rewards from Sewing Classes at Sue Rock Originals

When we expand our reach into our communities, its to help all people understand the value and rich tradition of needlarts.  They are beautiful – they are life affirming – and so very life sustaining.

Therefore it was easy to respond to Duke University student Safiya Driskell.  So young and so smart – Safiya was accepted to study abroad with her classmates in Egypt.   With two weeks to leave, she had to find the appropriate clothing for a society that is so culturally different from the United States.  And to find it for a girl that’s 5′ 11″!

Sue Rock Originals to the rescue!

In less than three days, Safiya

  • Picked out fabrics
  • learned how to measure
  • created a pattern
  • learned to sew on a straight stitch and regular machine

As she told us :  “This is my FAVORITE Skirt Ever!!”

Great work Safiya  (Images from Egypt to come!)

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