Creativity is endless – when it’s in your own hands……. – Sue Rock Inspirations

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, back in the 70’s – there were a ton of women’s magazines.  And the interesting thing about those magazines  – they offered more than “How to lose weight”,”how to save money” and “How to save time”.

Magazines like Ladies Home Journal Needle & Craft, Women’s Day Needle & Craft and Family Circle would provide its readership the latest fashion and home decor styling of the day.  Current to trend – the magazines were filled with design ideas – the entire second half of the magazine being the instructions for all of it. Need a pattern for a dress – no problem when you can translate graph paper designs to brown paper.


People were encouraged to “make it yourself”.  It is these magazines that gave me the spark to believe that women could make their own lives if raw materials were provided for them.

Looking at just one home accessory – Throw pillows.   Take a quick glance online and throw pillows can cost anywhere from $28 to $75.  I know if I was starting from scratch, throw pillows would the LAST thing on my list!

But look at the wide variety of pillows you can create yourself!  GORGEOUS! This is why Sue Rock Originals pushes the envelope, encouraging women to believe that many many things are possible (and have been possible for quite a while…..:)

What would you most like to have if you were starting over that you think is impossible?  You might be surprised!

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