Tips on Reinvention – Coaching from Founder Sue Rock!

When Marlo Thomas heard the story of the woman who taught domestic violence survivors how to sew she simply had to include them in her new book “It Ain’t Over”

Sue Rock Originals is the domestic violence charity whose unique vision has helped women across the globe.  “We provide domestic violence survivors with the skills and resources to repair their lives”  Using fabric donations from the garment industry,  women are taught how to make their own clothing and home furnishings.   Marlo was taken by the generosity and kindness of this organization and chose to include them.  Their story is the first in the chapter titled RELENTLESS, something our work truly is.

She also hosted a webinar on April 29  in the first ever National Reinvention Day.  It was a blast being on the webcast with other contributors to her book and speaking with women from around the country.  It was during this webcast that I really understood WHY Marlo had to do this book.  Women throughout the world are seeking insight as to how to reinvent their lives and bring in more joy, money, time and most of all satisfaction for themselves and their families.

Now is the best time to connect to mentors and teachers to gain the insight on how to reinvent yourself and bring a freshness and newness into your life. I am offering free introductory coaching sessions to men and women who want to go past the book and really get the tips and techniques to develop a new and exciting life!

Contact Sue Rock at and get your free 30 minute coaching session on How to Reinvent Yourself from Where You Are Right Now!

Get a taste of the wonderful information shared during Marlo Thomas’ webcast here

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