Repairing lives……one stitch at a time…….

So the time has finally come –
You run out while doing laundry, pick up the Duane Reade bag with all of your important documents from your friend’s car and tearfully never look back……

plastic bagTwo months later, in a safe house –  you look at this tattered Duane Reade bag that now is barely able to hold your most important documents
and think.. is this what my life has become?

This is the situation for so many people who leave the domestic violence in their homes.  Studies report that it takes a person SEVEN times before they make the final step to leave everything familiar in order to start a new life.  Some people have prepared for months, waiting for just the right opportunity.  When that opportunity comes, many have only the clothing they are wearing.  When a domestic violence survivor leaves their abuser, their danger increases tenfold. 

Domestic Violence shelters, residences and safe houses are wonderful resources, but what happens in the months after settling in?  After all the appointments are made and the identification is changed, what has happens to this person’s quality of life?

This is where Sue Rock Originals Everyone steps in.
We teach how to create a quality of life that a woman may have only imagined.
And we show how to do it with her own hands!

Imagine…..with the skills, some yarn and a few rides on the subway, you can knit or crochet a beautiful bag that will last up to 10 years?


18 dkpurse

For a beginner to machine sewing? A wonderful sturdy Tote bag, great for everything from legal appointments to open school night can be made in a mere two hours!


By teaching these skills – carefully and consistently, we have seen survivors of domestic violence gain a sense of hope about their future.  It is as if each choice of color or fabric, re-establishes the choices they made to leave.  Each stitch sewn creates a step into a brand new future!

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