Domestic Violence Shelter Spotlight! – The Center Against Domestic Violence

There was a time…..not that long ago

When Domestic Violence Shelters/Residences and Safe Houses did not exist!  Women had no recourse but to leave town or stay for years with their abuse.  It was through the strength of the Women’s Movement of mid 1970’s that organizations began to develop and speak to the need of women who were suffering.  Early responses to these victims’ needs relied exclusively upon the voluntary efforts of battered women’s advocates. Until shelters were established, volunteers often used their own homes as makeshift places of refuge for women and children. The first shelters opened their doors in the early to mid-1970s, and provided temporary housing, free food and clothing, social support, and legal assistance. Founders often maintained secrecy regarding the locations of these shelters for the protection of the residents.


The Center Against Domestic Violence began at a “speak out” in Brooklyn in 1976 where more than a hundred women told how their lives had been turned upside down by domestic violence. One thing became clear: There was no place where mothers could flee to safety with their children. In fact, it was against regulations to bring a child to the “unfit” environment of a shelter. A group of trailblazing women—domestic violence victims, survivors and advocates—set out to change all that and the Center was born.

The Center’s Women’s Survival Space, a place where abused women and their children could find safety, was the first of its kind in the State and is now the longest operating domestic violence emergency shelter in New York. Today the Center houses up to 1,000 women and children each year in three emergency shelters.

393203_2573051804125_35704097_nSue Rock Originals Everyone taught residents of the Center Against Domestic Violence in the sewing, knitting and crocheting at their Brooklyn studio.  It was a wonderful experience – teaching women how to make their own garments and accessories.  The classes grew from 8 to 18, as women left with a renewed level of self-esteem and personal accomplishment!

If you or someone you know is in need of domestic violence services The Center Against Domestic Violence is located in Brooklyn, New York – their number is (718) 254-9134

Sue Rock Originals Everyone is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization and we exist through YOUR donations. Give and give generously to keep this vital work going for women who are ready to begin to live again! Donations can be received through Paypal at suerockoriginals(at)


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