The Importance of Being Relevant

Sue Rock OriginalIn the fall of 2013, Sue Rock Originals Everyone transitioned out of our Crown Heights studio. Though initially heartbreaking – in time we looked at it as a unique opportunity.  You see, we had great success for five years – working with volunteers and receiving donations – but we still were missing something significant – the core voices of domestic violence survivors themselves-

Having autonomy meant going TO the survivors themselves, wherever they were. We could find out just what they needed and what items were most critical to their recovery. It would also be an excellent opportunity to meet these directors and hear the stories of who came to their shelters. Were there a growing number of men, as has been reported? Were women arriving with older and older children? How much space is available for women to create the things they need?

For 2015, Sue Rock Originals Everyone is in the field and on the road!  It is about listening to the voices of domestic violence survivors – their needs, their desires and their choices!  It is about the textile arts and the creation of programs being relevant to the needs of the people we are serving.

Some of the most longstanding domestic violence organizations are based here in New York City.  Organizations with shelters include Safe Horizon, the Center Against Domestic Violence, New York Asian Women’s Center and URI.  These organizations are all going to be a part of our ongoing EMPOWERMENT DAYS for survivors living in residence.


While receiving beautiful NEW Lingerie and Jewelry, as well as hand crafted pieces – residents will have an opportunity to share their experiences while living in a domestic violence shelter.  They will let us know what apparel or home furnishings they have received and what items will be difficult for them to get once they leave.  We also listen to survivors interests regarding the textile arts.

With assumptions of what people want everywhere you look – it is important to listen and gain valuable feedback when being of service to others!

Sue Rock Originals Everyone is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.
Classes in sewing, knitting and crocheting happen through your financial support.
Give and give generously to keep this vital work going!
Donations can be received through Paypal at suerockoriginals(at)


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