Sue Rock – NY1 New Yorker of the Week, April, 2016


Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. helps domestic violence survivors by providing them with the needlework tools to change their lives.  This 10 year journey has supported  thousands of domestic violence survivors across the five boroughs of NYC!


So you can imagine how surprised we were to receive this email from NY1 reporter Reena Diamante a few weeks ago:

“Hope this email finds you well. I produce NY1’s New Yorker of the Week segment and was interested in hearing more about your program to give back to survivors of domestic violence.”


Well I called Ms. Diamante and after a brief chat we scheduled time her to come to Bard High School Early College for their weekly knit crochet club and talk more about Sue Rock Originals Everyone.


But there is more!

Songwriter Seidah Garrett (Can we all say Michael Jackson duets and writer of “Man In The Mirror”?!)  is an avid knitter and crocheter.  When she heard about our work she was more than happy to help – sending us a huge box of yarns this winter. A Los Angeles native, she happened to be in town at the same time we were filming.  I invited her to come and meet the students.  She was right at home, sharing some tips and lending support to our work!

Made for a GREAT Day!


One thought on “Sue Rock – NY1 New Yorker of the Week, April, 2016

  1. Richard Williams says:

    Sue Rocks🌹

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