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"So what do we need?" – EVERYTHING!

Many of our knit and crochet volunteers ask what we need created for domestic violence survivors. Well the answer is simple EVERYTHING! …….However, when volunteers begin to create, the answer becomes a bit more specific when we look at the condition of survivors of domestic violence living in residences.

When a woman enters a residence, whether as a single woman or a mother, she usually enters with the clothes on her back and her identification in a plastic bag. Once she is placed in an apartment, she is brought to a room or basement area where all the clothes that have been collected have been stored. There, she may have to rifle through bins of clothes that have not been sorted, or go through racks of folded clothes that are out of season or ill fitting. This, after she has made the most difficult decision in her life.

Though the apartments are generously outfitted due to corporate donations, they are utility apartments nonetheless, craving a personal touch.

For domestic violence shelters, there are a bounty of donations for children but rarely are there donations geared to the women themselves. Sue Rock Originals Everyone fills that gap!

So lets think – What would you need if you walked out the house never to return? Well yes there is the eponymous “hat and scarf set” however what if it is summer. Just how long is a tank top, jeans and flip flops acceptable attire for work, school and shopping? These are the questions that force women to return home where though there is violence, there is at least normalcy and YOUR STUFF!!!

We encourage our volunteers to choose from the following types of items:

Wardrobe Extenders


Cellphone/Blackberry case


These items are just the beginning. We have had one volunteer who specially designed bags which would be perfect for documents and could hold 8 1/2 x 11 paper without folding. Another volunteer created a magnificent car coat with matching paper boy cap! What we find most of all is that volunteers – challenged by the types of projects we are requesting – are motivated beyond their comfort zone to design and create unique original items they may have never considered

We hope you will contact us and consider volunteering to make something wonderful for a woman in need. She has made that powerful and courageous first step – your creativity can make a difference in her life!

Sue Rock

House Party

Let’s PARTY, PARTY, PARTY, 8.00 pm I’ll see you there

Sue Rock is having a house party come on out, help pay the rent $10 at the door. Good food and good times!
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