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The Journey to Make SROE a Success !

In 2015, I wanted to make sure that the work that Sue Rock Originals Everyone did had an impact. You see we were homeless!

Let me backtrack – due to events beyond our control, in 2013 we were bamboozled out of our beautiful Brooklyn based design studio.  So we packed everything up from 9 years of donations and workshops and moved it into storage – However, working out of a 500 square foot storage in Cranford NJ was not going to work  –

But in the tradition of making Lemonade out of some REALLY sour stuff -maybe it was time to re-evaluate whether the work we were doing was even effective.

……And we did have 25 crates filled with lingerie….


With a clip board in hand, a list of newly acquired domestic violence contacts and a finely crafted questionnaire –

Do Domestic Violence Survivors deserve sexy Lingerie?

In 2015 I scheduled Ladies Empowerment days at domestic violence shelters throughout the NYC area.   The days focused on the women’s needs, provided snacks and the kicker – FREE LINGERIE!!  Bras and Panties and sleepwear Oh My!

And for the first 10 residences, things went well……….and then ONE residence we went to……

It seems that one of the directors was following me as I was laying items out and whisking off items that she found were,…….hmmmm, shall we say unacceptable for the ladies.    Everytime I went back over the layout, items were missing. So as I began to replace the pieces – this time it was sheer nightgowns –

She told me “Oh no they don’t need that!”

Curious.  So the abuse these women had already experienced in their home. And the abuse they are living through by not being home and living in a group setting.

Is only being reinforced by the GIFT that is being shared with them.

Women have the right to feel beautiful at every time of life.  Through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs – women deserve the opportunity to appreciate themselves and their own bodies. I spoke to women who had not had purchased a new bra for years – and were working women!  Having a beautiful nightgown, a great fitting  – and yes SEXY bra was not going to have them run back to abuse.  It will re –establish her self-esteem and self worth.

We continued to donate over 25,000 units of underwear, lingerie, sleepwear , jewelry and also received the most awesome news!

Throughout the five boroughs – survivors of domestic violence WANT the programs that Sue Rock Originals Everyone provides!

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