Leadership, Empowerment, Social Responsibility – all with a few needles and some yarn!

On a beautiful November day, I the joy filled experience of meeting the students of Bard High School Early College, located in New York’s historic Lower East Side.

We came to Bard H.S. Early College to bring them yarn donation received from Smiley’s Yarn company.


20151120_131349Dr. Rene Marion, Professor of History and avid crocheter has been at the helm of this program.  She has designed a knitting club and selflessly introduced Sue Rock Originals Everyone to her students.  Their response has been extraordinary!  40 young people are  knitting and crocheting hats, scarves, bags and more for survivors of domestic violence who leave.

20151120_124205The enthusiasm and diligence of the president of the knitting club, Kira, was wonderful.  As a knitter, this experience opened up the opportunity to learn crocheting, which is now a second love!  Inventory coordinator Alejandro keeps track of the students new items and donated yarns.   Everything is really organized and well thought out!


The young people asked the most marvelous questions – they really wanted to know if it was possible to connect with the women we are donating to.  The group agreed to create a letter to share their concerns and support for these women’s lives.  Students were also interested in our empowerment program, which teaches the women how to make the things they left behind.

Next they all went through the pieces they made and modeled them. There were hats, bags, scarves and great sweaters!  They are now considering a Knit-A-Thon for December, which would include students, parents, teachers and administrative staff.

20151120_130511Developing a creative craft program has been a hit here at Bard High School Early College but even more exciting is he joy felt by these teens that their creativity will help the lives of people right now!

Leadership, Empowerment, Social Responsibility – all with a few needles and some yarn – Amazing!

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